Be prepared – The future is violent

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We have seen earlier how young people were being paid to protest who didn’t even know why the protest was going on. We saw how the violent protests were carried out by university students. Now see for yourself how kids are being fed with so much hatred on religious lines. It’s shameful the kids who can’t even recite basics from their own books are being brainwashed to such extent.

Basically, It’s a sympathetic tool to use kids and oblivious young people to put up in the front line to defend the perpetrators, so that when anyone gets hurt by rescue forces, they can hide behind sympathy. I have heard someone mentioning “how I cared about fucking burnt bus than injured innocent kids” in an argument to defend the recent riots.

No need to mention where and by whom these kids are taught hatred. These, when grow up, will pelt stones, vandalize public property and create riots.

Its high time educational institutions are brought under scanner, mainly which work under religious or communal setup. Otherwise the future is going to be violent. Extremely Dangerous. Just be prepared.

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