Value of your life — a short story

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One Day Son asked his father what the value of his Life. Instead of Answering, father told his son take a Piece of Rock & go sell in the Market. If any body ask for price just raise 2 fingers & don’t say anything.

The boy then went to the Market & a women asked how much is this rock? I want it for my garden the boy raised his 2 fingers & Women Said I will take it in 2 $. The boy went back to father and told a women in the market wants to buy rock in 2 $.

The father told his son, I want you to take this rock to a museum if any one wants to buy the rock Just raise 2 fingers. A man asked for Price, boy raised 2 fingers, is it 200 dollars. boy was shocked went running home & told his father man wants to buy this rock in 200 $.

Then father asked his son last place I want you to take this rock is precious stone shop and do same thing just raise 2 fingers. The boy went to the owner of the precious stone shop ,the owner said I will buy it for 200,000 $. The boy didn’t know what to say more & went back to his father.

Father said to son do you know the value of life now.? You see it doesn’t matter where you come from, where you were born, the color of your skin or how much money you are born into. It’s just a matter how you place your self and find the diamond inside your self.

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