Why I won’t buy flipkart’s new slogan “ab sirf shopping nahi, flipkart karo”

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Flipkart’s new slogan “ab sirf shopping nahi, flipkart karo” is simply an attempt to make a new slang similar to “lets google it”. Although Google has made a lot of products, they never screwed their flagship ‘search’. However, in flipkart’s case they have made a sharp turn from being a unified shopping site to a multi vendor like e-bay. Although its not bad at all going multi vendor, but this entirely gives a different taste to end user. Now they have 2(or more) pricing for the same product. From a user’s perspective, I would feel cheated if I’ve not opted the one with least price.

And then the other side is that, “Google” was made a slang verb by its users, or better should I say, by Googlers , not by the Google itself. So the bottom line is, I am not gonna buy that slogan, flipkart. let’s try something better next time.

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