Kanika, It’s not you it’s me ;-)

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We should hope for the best, but must plan for the worst.

This is such a late call for India from coronavirus that we could safely assume that everyone who travels would obviously have known about DO’s and DONT’s by this time. And it’s just yesterday that our PM had urged that we unite and fight against this virus and isolate ourselves for a day. Many people including celebrities and even opposition parties have praised him for that. And for the first time seeing such support I was hoping that some sanity is still left in a world where Trump has so much power.

The news just came in that Kanika Kapoor has been tested positive of corona infection. That’s alright, she could have gone abroad for one of her shows, and by the time she planned her return it would have been too late. But I am sure she would have gone for a self quarantine so that even if she didn’t catch the virus, the right message goes to her follower. I am sure that would have happened.

Juxtaposing to that, these news channels are showing that she hid her travel history while landing in India from UK on 15th march. After that she even attended a party in a 5star in Lucknow. Now that she is tested positive, she says this:

Dear, oh dear ! You are such an innocent person that you don’t even know what has happened to you. It’s not a mild fever, I am telling you this corona fewer caught you way later than the fever, which made your brain stop working, made you sick. No, you are not OK, and it is not mild, in fact it could have made a lot of people sick, literally as well. Corona will be cured sooner or later, but you take care of that brain fever which made you so dumb and self-centered. It looks like she took the lyrics from her song too seriously that says “ye duniya… ye duniya pital di, baby doll main sone di” 😉

Jokes apart, this is the selfishness of highest order. You can’t say that she wasn’t even 1% aware of this, because 15th march was when more than half of the country, in fact countries around the world, were facing restrictions and lock-downs of some sorts. And you might argue it’s her arrogance of being a celeb, but she is not alone in this, it’s just a common attitude of people here in general. You might already have come across many incidents where people hid their travel history, evaded the quarantine even fled from hospitals after being tested positive. Thankfully Mumbai administration has started the initiative of stamping foreign returned individuals, which even led to several such people being caught traveling in public transports. And now as the international landing is banned altogether, this would not happen anymore. But who will save us from our internal enemies? God? But the temples are closed, no?

Anyway, at the end, I would only say, dear Kanika, it’s not you it’s me. It’s me who is wrong, because like many other, I thought that there is still some sanity left. Thank you for breaking the misconception.

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