Corona vs Arrogant commoners

Reading Time: 2 minutes

While police, army, government, health officials and most responsible citizens are trying hard to contain this pandemic, the major reason for it’s sudden increase is certain behavioral qualities that a commoner posses. One of such quality is the attitude of “my time is more important than yours”, however it practically translates into “my life is cheaper than you, but I will not die alone”. Have a look at the video below.

These people are shouting that they are being made to wait for long hours. However, what they don’t consider is, while thousands of people are arriving at airports, the ground staff is very limited. The individual screening and testing take time. And what’s more important is, there are high chances that several of them will be infected, but still ground support and health officials are risking their lives so that they can keep people by large safe, which will not only include others’ but your family and friends. You don’t consider your life worthwhile, that’s okay, but it’s the responsibility of these officials, as well as ours’, to keep everyone else safe.

The bottom line is, If your life is so cheap, there are ways to get rid of, that too without risking others. Getting shot, like they were asking for in the video, is obviously one, but you know, the officials are on a mission to keep people safe. Please cooperate, or why not do it yourself, huh?

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