Happy Vijayadashmi

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The evil in you, is not just the one that makes you do bad things, Its also the one that hinders you from doing things you love, the one that stops you from being your own self, the one that stops you from returning good to the people who do good to you.

If you think terming Raavan as the ‘bad’ and burning its effigies as a symbolism to pretend going towards the ‘good’ is justified, you are just making a fool of yourself. Because by doing so, you are just hiding your own mistakes with the one that demeaned the good in him. Your calling him bad isn’t justified until you let the good in you overcome the bad. So before pointing towards the evils of others, first get rid of yours.

शक्तिपर्व और विजयादशमी की हार्दिक बधाई. भगवान आपको सद्बुद्धि, समृद्धि और संतुष्टि प्रदान करे.

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