What’s wrong with the Indians on the Internet

Reading Time: 2 minutes

A few months ago when I used to be active on facebook, I had been following a channel named WHAT IF, which is a very interesting science fiction channel that tries to reason and solve hypothetical science queries through various theories.

So fine one day, they posted a video about what if we send all our waste to the Sun. I usually try to go to comment section to know other interesting point of views. But, it was not the day. I was literally shocked to see how fellow Indians were interacting on a niche channel with a self-explanatory name.

If you are thinking they could be anyone, not just Indians, let me tell you, incidentally I had been following their English channel for so long, that I immediately recalled having seen the video. And just went on to check if that was the case. But look how an English Audience were interacting on the same video a few weeks back.

A generation of Tik-Tokers clearly can’t take science well. Now we see the problem, I am sure we will see the solution someday.

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