Freedom to choose career

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Watch this below video produced by bournvita to set some context.

Even though appealing, this is an amazingly anti-pragmatic approach. While even a graduate doesn’t have a clear career goal, kids themselves can’t make good choices, they might just have interests based on some enchanting parameters. If parents start to give in to every demands of their kids, next generation will practically be full of stubborn douches.

However, one more point to note is that, as fewer careers make high money while others barely make enough for survival, choices purely based on interest,might one day make you regret, then either you or your parents will be at the receiving end of the blame.

As they say, beggars can’t be choosers, every lower or middle class parents try to uplift their and kid’s future by having them trained for high paying career. It’s contentions to conclude if they are wrong, but if parents act as counselor instead of ringmaster, the kids would at least learn things of their interest at least as a back up or secondary career.

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