A lesson from a random guy

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There is something to learn from even the most useless creature in this world.

Around 8 years back, a guy from my old neighborhood appeared out of the blue at the gym and some how ended up talking to me. After few more talks, he convinced me to meet some “successful” person to learn how they are doing. Being bit gullible as a young college student, this enough build-up had me convinced to at-least meet them. Although, not to my amusement, that “successful” person happened to be a mere MLM guy who was successful by his own definition that said “he had money AS WELL AS time” unlike most people who just has either of these. Though it didn’t take long for me to lose the interest in what he was blabbering to have me paid for the membership, I still kept my ears open, as usual.In the process, he said just one thing meaningful, but that changed my thought process. And to much extent it brought a better self-sufficient and self believer out of me.

He said, “when I wake up in the morning, I bow before God but doesn’t beg him for this or that. Instead, I tell him that I am doing my best, rest is up to you.” However, a small thing, but while digging deep, this made a huge difference. As a person growing up among people begging, or in most cases bribing god for something or the other, I had learned the same. Its only that day, when I realized I was all wrong.

Fortunately, that day changed my thinking. If we believe there is a god who made us all, how don’t we believe that he has given us everything needed to survive. If he has given us this life without asking for it, he has given us everything without asking. For if anything else is needed, he has made us all capable of achieving it. Its only our lack of faith in him, that deviates us from the learning of bhagwath-geetha. We give too much focus on results, rather than doing our karma. Ultimately it makes us weak, dependent and hinders from giving our best. Obviously it leads to unexpected outcome, and we keep losing our faith and in the end, we start cursing him without realizing our mistakes.

Since then, I realized that god has given us enough to survive in this world and begging him for anything else is like indirectly insulting him. I still visit temples, I bow before god just to thank him for what he has given me, and to forgive me for my sins, But I don’t feel like begging him for anything else. In fact, I DON’T NEED ANYTHING ELSE. Every passing moment has only made my belief stronger. As they say “Bhagwan ka diya sab kuchh hai”. Although, I don’t remember the person now, I would always remember this incident.

Jai Mata Di. Wahe guru ji da khalsa, wahe guru ji di fateh.

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