7 things we Indians need to learn immediately

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There is no dearth of people who want to look cool by doing stupid things. If you are getting offended by this, it’s highly likely you are one of those. Take your time to let this sink in, for better future.

  • Many times people try to run you over in a queue. Sophisticated appearing morons, JUST ASK! I might not even have any problem waiting for 5 more mins if you have genuine urgency or had simply asked with respect.
  • People need to really learn traffic etiquette. That knob under the steering is not to shove into your posterior, that makes indicator blink, use it when you want to change lanes not just while turning. Incessant honking will not clear the traffic. DO NOT USE HIGH BEAM within city limits as if you don’t know it makes u blind when someone else does it.
  • Respect other’s time, don’t take forever to decide while in any kind of queue. Do it while you are still waiting for your turn.
  • Vibrating phone at desk disturbs far more than a ringing one. If you are going to leave your phone unattended at your desk, keep it on silent mode.
  • THANK someone, even if he just held the lift for you. Kindness goes a long way.
  • Pay the dues to people more promptly than you do to banks. Those were the one who helped you when banks didn’t.
  • Everyone seem to be opinionated here about every damn thing. KEEP YOUR OPINION TO YOURSELF, until asked for.
  • Don’t be loud like a loudspeaker in a public place. The “public” place is as others’ as it is yours, and that’s why some people just don’t ask you to be quite.
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