An open letter to karan johar

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Karan Johar,

When you thought you have ‘courage’ and coverage, you show the audacity and take stand with Pakistani artists, knowing they didn’t show courtesy to at least condemn the terrorist attack on us. Now when people of the country have shown you your place, you start crying to hide behind the loss of Indian artists’ efforts. You don’t cry for the loss of martyrs and their families though. Loss is mostly yours, as a producer, since most of the artists are paid in full rather than based on profits. Even their efforts will reach people sooner or later.
I am neither in support nor against the ban, but it is for you to think that, is it too Important for you to stand with Pakistanis at the cost of Indian sentiments?
Movie will eventually be released with some resistance, but the loss will still be yours, more than money, the loss of respect. Now that people have shown you what intolerance really mean, you can resume your intolerent India rant with your best friends in Industries.
Peace, Jai Hind!

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