good-bye orkut !

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There is lot to say about how orkut introduced us, the millennial, to the world of social media. It’s redundant to remind it as we still remember writing scraps, asking friends for testimonials, excitement about their profile visits, competing a friend ‘s friend list, restricting the friend request to email only by those famous girls in the college, having late night chats in a xyz forums, showing off affinity with moderators of bigger forums to others, fighting to write 10 continues post in a thread and lot more.

Though these sweet memories will remain longer with us, there is one thing that impacted my life way beyond I could have ever imagined. It introduced me to someone who just didn’t come across my way, but also changed the direction to which I was proceeding, And unexpectedly made me land in a war field.

In a way, while I move forward, it still looks like a series of random coincidences. But if I wait and look back connecting the dots, it makes me believe that it is part of a bigger story. It might just be, but then the problem is that you can connect the dots anyway, and in many ways. You will never know how it should actually look, until you are the author of the story, and unfortunately, in this case I am not. This story remains incomplete just like mine, and there is no guarantee that god completes it before my ink dries.

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