Embarking a new journey, with books.

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Many think of books as the best friends. In slightly different thoughts, I would say if there could be any better relationship, it would be with books. Calling it best friends is heavily exaggerated statement, as you still need real friends who, unlike books, can shout at you, correct you, can help & even abuse you at times. You can at best call them friends with benefits. However that comparison is not something triggered me writing this today, but in recent times it gradually developed in my mind that there is something about it. There are exceptional advantages of having books besides you or even a notebook for that matter. (Something that I would talk about sometimes later). Your relationship with a book is the one which is an unconditional agreement, no matter what, it will only make you better.

A book, if happens to be a person, is someone who once gets into your life, will never leave you. Even if its not around it will have an impression on you, which is impossible to erase. She is someone you chose for a single read or two, or at best few more, but it spends rest of the life with you. She speaks just as much you could bear but enough that will keep you satiated. When sad, she is there for you can talk with her and again feel happy, not just because she speaks what you want to hear and shuts when you want it to, she is someone who can guide you, who can laugh with you or can empathize and calm you down when sad. In fact, it can make you feel every emotion that exists. It can walk with you, even that extra mile you might want to travel and yet never let you feel alone. Despite being static, its unpredictable. However, it might look mundane or even boring being a book lover, but you can’t even predict how colorful, enjoyable and deep that love is.

There is lot that can be said, but yet I conclude it here in a hope that I could tell something that’s never reached your ears all these days.

And in the end let me tell you the reason, why all this suddenly hijacked my brain. By now, as you might well have predicted, it is because this is a new journey I am embarking on. A journey with books. Hopefully a long and pleasant one. It’s like a parallel life that might ultimately meet me in real, somewhere on the way ahead. However, being a writer (fine! an amateur one), you might say it should’ve come earlier from me. But I don’t think there is any relation in being a reader and a writer. (I will write about it sometimes in future.)

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