not a dream?

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What are dreams really?

I have always heard people say that getting or becoming something is their dream.

I, for long, have had the admiration for automobiles ever since I watched a show on discovery about 2 decades ago. I even wanted to choose automobile engineering and at times I still feel I could have been a better automobile engineer than I am as a software engineer.

But then, I can’t call it a dream. I didn’t even fight for it when I was suggested to choose computer science, because yahan bahut scope hai. Post that I never actually thought of becoming anything. I only get enthusiastic time to time, about one thing or the other. Nothing more than that.

When I now see every 2nd person talking about dreams, specially the ones with entrepreneurial ambitions or the fresh grads, I get really furious. I mean apparently I don’t have a dream or any specific ambition. All I want to do is to have the freedom to continue pursuing things that I might like at a given moment.

For instance, among many other things, I have a keen interest in writing. But then I really don’t worry about whether I should or would ever be published. A true dreamless individual if you really want to label.

I need some motivation, one might suggest. Not really though. It’s not like I actually lack motivation for anything in general. Because I know for the fact that I am still a doer and often don’t really need a reward to drive me to take up and finish any task.

So then what it is?

Is what you think your dream is really your dream? If it is just about being happy about some sense of achievement, how do you know if achieving it will really make you happy? How do you accurately predict how you will feel about it?

If not, then can I assume it is not about happiness. On a second thought, are you sure it is not a mere obsession you have created likely because of a knack for competing or simply trying to fit in to the shoes of someone you happen to admire for a trivial reason?

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