Why some Indians are so desperate to have a “great” leader?

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As feared by some in recent time, modi has not polarized that much of people against each other as much the formation of AAP has polarized. AAP followers thinks they are the most honest creatures and other thinks they are most logical people in this world. Though a few followers might be following them with true intentions but they are so desperate to have someone to act on their behalf. They are

like the ones who just read the title of the book and decide on how the entire content of the book would be. If they are believing someone so desperately there would be no wonder why dhongi-babas are so successful in this country. After all, even the educated ones have the right to be superstitious. Its just their fancy way of doing this. So in the end, the situation has remained one and the same. Just that there is one more party with a purportedly “great” mission with a lot(?) of Intellectual followers.

I believe Its only me (and us together) who can do great things for me and I am capable of doing it myself. So there is absolutely no need for me of someone “great” to follow, or to act on my behalf. Let govt do its duty rather than trying to disrupt & demolish the system. Though do keep your eyes open and also keep yourself prepared to act whenever necessary instead of waiting for some messiah to come.

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